The return of Inspector Callaghan

Classic Series” Mod. 29 in .44Mg.

Smith & Wesson Revolver “Classic Series” Mod. 29 in .44Mg.

Who said the classic is out of fashion?
Nowadays “vintage” is appreciated by everyone, and some of the products remain even an evergreen. If we shift the discussion on weapons, we cannot leave out the S&M model 29, better known as “Magnum 44”.

History, cinematography

History, cinematography, and experience in the field have made it a style and reliability icon, letting it to be in everyone’s desires. The realization of the grips in precious wood, and the burnishing of the mechanical parts in steel, are part of a well studied design, which since 1955 has hit its admirers with an arrow to the heart.

SMITH & WESSON Revolver "Classic Series" Mod. 29 .44Mg

The most powerful revolver in the world

“The most powerful gun in the world” is how Clint Eastwood made it famous in the movie “Dirty Harry”. Today we all know very well that is no longer able to win that title. But it is not necessarily the case that what gets old has nothing good to offer anymore. After all, wine gets better with time!

The most powerful revolver in the world

Thus, we could definite it as the most powerful gun in the world in unleashing emotions, as this is what you bring home with a piece like this: a box full of emotions and memories. And if a single well-aimed shot isn’t enough to go back to the past, don’t worry, there are 5 more, ready to go through the space-time tunnel called barrel, available in 4″ and 6.5″.

Now it is up to you to be part of the history or to make history.

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