Terminator T-800

The little Hollywood monster

It was back in 1985 when the cult film Terminator was released in Italian cinemas, an action film that has many fan. For those who were already lovers of the sector, they will also have been thrilled by the vastness of the Cyborg arsenal.
S.D.M. now a very famous company in the world of weapons, has decided to honor the film by creating a unique model, used by the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger. A merciless rifle, which frightens at the mere sight: the Terminator T-800.

The Chinese company, which has eliminated the competition with its prices, launches an out of the ordinary weapon, suitable for “strong” men.

The Terminator T-800 is a small lever rationing rifle, characterized by a small grip for the dominant hand and the absence of a stock. The 16-inch barrel, despite its appearance, allows discreet control of the gun, even if, as the film teaches us, it prefers crazy single-handed use.

features and fire test

The magazine holds up to 5 rounds in 12/70caliber, excellent to equip with home defense ammunition present on the market.

The lever that allows operation is also comfortable, fluid in its movement and wide enough to accommodate even the largest hands. And if we said that it is suitable for men “strong” we were not lying, the recoil is strong and after a few hits it makes itself felt.

With a total length of just over half a meter, it certainly enters the category of weapons intended for home defense, a compact, light and economical rifle suitable for guaranteeing your safety and that of your loved ones.

Once purchased, just get on your Harley Dsavidson and go in search of Sarah Connor, in full Terminator style.

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