S&W® M&P®15 Sport™ II semi-automatic rifle

Smith & Wesson - MP15 Sport II

If you were asked to choose only one rifle to own for the whole life, never being able to buy any other, what would you choose? Well, I would have no doubts: an AR-15 platform. Films, documentaries, and video games have made this rifle one of the most known to the world, and the use by its owners confirms its sensational abilities. What if I told you now that accomplish your dream is no longer so difficult in terms of price?

Again we have the answer. Ladies and Gentlemen: M&P®15 Sport™ II.

Based on the AR-15 platform the Military & Police 15 by Smith & Wesson, in 223Rem caliber, it amazes for the quality of realization. Light alloy barrel, grip, handguards, and collapsible polymer stock make it fall below the threshold of 3KG. The folding rear sight and the magazine are signed MAGPUL. This solution will allow you to equip your rifle with any aiming system without renouncing, if necessary, to the standard sights. Customization and personalization are synonyms of this weapon, and they are the reason why it is loved all over the world. On the upper receiver, there is a numbered and well-finished rail, while on the front we find the classic hand-guards in polymer, easily replaceable with a quad-rail.

Having been the protagonist of a mission that has made history, owning a rifle as this goes far beyond just having fun, guaranteeing you a full immersion experience in the military life.


The rifle stands out for its own lightness, fast in the acquisition of targets, easy of maneuver in displacements, and operations of loading. The magazine capacity is 30 shots and, is not presents any type of movement and it gets hooked to the platform clearly and fast. You perceive the quality of materials and laser engravings, which do not have any kind of burr, easily findable on models of other brands. The operation, semi-automatic, takes place through direct gas recovery that passes through a metal tube hidden under the front grip.

Fire Test

The recoil is almost absent, in fact, the complete cycle of the weapon takes place in line with the buffer tube and the barrel, where there is a spring that helps dampen the force of the “kickback”. Accuracy is guaranteed at short-medium distances thanks to the chrome barrel. Great on 150 meters with the help of a MIL-DOT.

There is not much left to say. Indeed, now it’s up to you to try it and say it yours on this amazing product. How much does it cost to bring home a rifle to brag about with everyone? This time you won’t have to hide the account statement from your partner! With about 1200 Eur you will get a real piece of MADE in USA.


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