Smith & Wesson Revolver 340PD AirLite Sc: The fatal feather

Smith & Wesson Revolver Mod. 340PD – AirLite Sc

If I told you to imagine a light, captivating, and at the same time very powerful weapon, what would you think? Hard? Don’t worry, some have already answered this question.

The famous Springfield company has recently launched a revolver on the market that stands out for its unique characteristics. With just 335 grams the Model 340PD is certainly the lightest of the brand. Which is the secret? The realization through the materials: Titanium cylinder and Scandium shaft, a precious material almost as precious as gold. The two materials, mainly used in the aerospace industry, make the final product unique. This product is recognized for the perfect dose of strength and lightness. If until now you have thought that the 340PD was a classic revolver in 38 Special cal., you will be amazed to know that this is a 357 Magnum. The very high quality of the materials, and the lightness of the gun, provide the shooter to be able to tolerate the great power of this ammunition even in such a small revolver.

If we were to define a role for the 340PD, it is studied as a self-defense handgun. The overall length of 160mm, the internal hammer, and the lightness make the revolver ideal for the daily carry, ideal for hiding inside a jacket or a small pouch. Thanks to the external absence of the hammer, firing even from inside a pocket avoids jamshed and guarantees a fluidity of the double-action weapon cycle. In case of acquisition due to the target, there is the front sight in optical fiber signed HI-VIZ, one of the leading brands in the sights sector.

If it is true that the eye always wants its part, handling a weapon like this is like having a poem in your hands; everything is well finished, the lines are those of the globally appreciated J-frame, the performances are stunning. Owning objects like this, in addition to gratifying its owner, are reasons of pride with all fans. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of art by Smith & Wesson. Light as a feather, fatal as lightning.

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