Smith & Wesson 929

The novelty that leaves you speechless

In the eyes of some it will seem like a photomontage made to make fun of, others will be incredulous, but it’s all true!

It is known that revolvers are weapons that prefer ammunition with a great stopping power (stopping power), especially useful in self-defense and able to give strong sensations to those who wield one. Smit & Wesson, one of the undisputed leaders in the production of these types of guns, has decided to change everything, putting on the market a revolver designed for competitions and with an unexpected ammunition: the 9×21.

And what’s more, the complete implementation was taken care of down to the last detail by the Performance Center.

Performance Center pistols, like this fantastic 929, come from standard designs or are built from scratch. From manual cutting and assembly to fine-tuning for precision, these firearms deliver top performance. Performance Center products are the ultimate expression of old world craftsmanship combined with modern technology.

The RECORD of S&W 929

In addition to the study of these highly trained engineers, the 929 revolver bears the signature of one of the most legendary shooters of our era: Jerry Miculek, who with this weapon broke a world record, hitting a target placed 1000 yards (about 915 meters).


But let’s get to the concrete facts, what are the main peculiarities of this weapon?

Frame and barrel are completely made of stainless steel with a matte finish, useful for increasing grip even more and preserving the weapon in the best possible way from scratches and wear. A titanium alloy was used for the cylinder, more resistant than steel but at the same time lighter.

Precisely the choice of this material, so light, helps the whole action to be more fluid, upsetting the operator accustomed to classic revolvers. 6.5-inch barrelwith muzzle brake that can be removed using a simple Allen key, giving you the ability to customize the weapon to your liking.

Some enthusiasts have had to say about the empty space between the frame and the cylinder, alluding to a work that has not been studied by the engineers Smit & Wesson. Well if you think so too you would do well to change your mind! That space is specifically designed to guarantee the shooter the perfect grip of the firearm, avoiding reducing the frame and making this revolver uncomfortable, unintuitive and unsuitable for stress.

fire test of Smith&Wesson 929

The 8-shot titanium cylinder makes the difference and you can see it. The complete action, thanks also to the intervention of the Performance Center, is smooth like no other, allowing the shooter not to tire the hand very much and undertake a shooting session even longer than normal. Certainly also thanks to the rubber handle, well shaped and with a non-slip texture. The 6.5-inch barrel makes precision its peculiarity. the front and the rear sight are done very well and easily to calibrate The muzzle brake really helps, by reducing weapon detection and helping the shooter to return to position after each shot

S&W 929 Performance Center is just that: a design revolution, it is the desire to keep up to date astonishing fans from all over the world with a new and unprecedented product.

Scheda riassuntiva dei dettagli tecnici della Smith&Wesson 929

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