Smith & Wesson 329 PD AirLite

The Tiger

Over the years, the Springfield-based company has been noted for the use of precious materials and maniacal workmanship, conquering a large part of fans from all over the world. One of his strong points has always been the revolver in cal. 44 magnum, a weapon that thanks also to the fame acquired thanks to the great western films, has become an icon of power and power. As everything risks aging, it is, therefore, necessary to act to renew the myth of life. S&W has therefore decided to launch a new version a few years ago, modern but at the same time linked to the style and charm of the ancient, the 329 PD AirLite made in Scandium. Scandium is a chemical element that, when bonded to high-quality aluminum, gives life to light but at the same time a very resistant alloy.


The 329 PD is strictly in cal. 44Mg. very difficult ammunition to digest for beginners. N frame and 6 shot titanium cylinder tilting on the left side give it a captivating and irresistible look for the observer. 

titanium cylinder

The action is mixed and the percussion of the bullet takes place through the hammer positioned externally and manually retractable. The overall weight, although hard to believe, is only 714 grams, made possible by the aluminum alloy construction with the addition of Scandium. 4-inch aluminum barrel and overall length of 104mm.

FIRE TEST Smith & Wesson 329 PD AirLite

The weapon equipped with polymer grips is held firmly and thanks to the engravings the fingers are immediately in their ideal position. The cylinder release is also shaped so as not to cause discomfort when firing.

You feel the lightness, especially at the moment of the shot where the weapon is shaken by the stresses. Despite this, it remains stable and firmly in your hands. The acquisition is fast and intuitive, the credit certainly goes to the HI-VIZ fiber optic front sight, while there are the classic adjustable height and pan leaf. A tiger that needs to be tamed, and that perhaps only the best will be able to do it.

CONCLUSIONS Smith & Wesson 329 PD AirLite

If you are looking for a weapon to test yourself, to experience new sensations, this is definitely your gun. Its lightness and its power are a concept that is difficult to understand if you do not try. Hidden port? why not! Surely our tiger will scare even before attacking. 

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