Prima Care

The technical assistance service is carried out in Italy, in the Prima Armi gunsmith laboratory. We are committed to always offering you a service that meets your needs and quality standards that reflect our professionalism for more than 50 years.

Each product that arrives in the service center is recorded and forwarded to our technicians, who, according to the indications received from the gunsmith, test the weapon to verify the presence and extent of the malfunction. If the problem is found, repair is made, making the firearm fully functional again.

After sending the repair quote by us, the customer is required to promptly confirm their willingness to proceed or not with the repair.


The costs of our technical assistance vary according to the type of intervention to be carried out:

  1. Assistance / repair under warranty: if the customer should encounter any problem, related to or deriving from the previously existing one, during the first month, the costs are at our expense.
  2. Out of warranty assistance / repair: both the cost of shipping to the gunsmith and the costs of handling, repairing and returning the product are charged to the customer.
  3. If, following an intervention by our technicians, there are no lack of conformity, any management and shipping costs will be charged to the customer.


Repairs are carried out in the shortest possible time, on average 10-20 days (from receipt of the weapon). In some special cases, waiting times may be slightly longer. However, the timing does not exceed 60 days from the date of receipt of the weapon.