SDM XM9 Tactical 9×21

The gun destroys cliché

How many times have you associated the word “Made in China” with a poor-quality product? Well, certainly several times. Sometimes we tend to give hasty opinions and create prejudices that slowly change our way of seeing things. Even in the arms sector, this practice is commonly used, and often without criteria. What if I now tell you there is a Chinese weapon on the market that it could leave you speechless, would you believe it? Maybe not, but you will change your mind.

SDM is now famous for making weapons analogous to the originals at affordable prices. In its catalog cannot miss the reproduction of one of the most popular pistols in the world: The Sig Sauer p226. Renamed XM9, it boasts features such as extreme reliability and resistance of materials. Of course, the small details are not well finished as in the original ones, but the carbon steel slide and the well-shaped grip make it an attractive product for many people. Itsownersare very satisfiedwith its efficiency and the fun it offers. Thus, can this gun be designated a “cliche destroyer”? The answer is yes.


If you are a “fledgling” and would like to learn more about this world without spending a lot of money, the XM9 is what suits you. At a really low price, you have the opportunity to buy a reliable product, without sacrificing the style.

But not only the “newbies” are the right customers! Even the enthusiast should not give up on this item: simple, functional, economical, and that stands out.


The fire test confirms all the beliefs we had about the product. The weapon’s cycle is fluid and the accuracy is in line with the older sister. The fixed sights allow fast and intuitive acquisitionof the target.

The mixed action pistol is equipped with an easily identifiable decoking lever. As for the latter, the button for release of the 15-round magazineis on the right side and can be easily used even with gloves.
Canna da 4,7″ e peso complessivo di 965g.

It is easy to be surprised with an expensive object in your hands, instead it is difficult with an affordable one like this, but it surprises you. “Customization” is a word pistol likes, in fact, under the barrel, there is a rail for installing flashlights and any other compatible accessory.


If all I have mentioned above it is still not enough for you, you should know that it is possible to request it classified as both a common and a sports weapon.
Suitable for all users and all solutions, this is the SDM XM9’s secret.
If I were a beginner eager to have a good quality product in my hands, now, I would know very well what to choose.

And you, what will you choose? let us know in the comments


  • brand: S.D.M.
  • Cal: 9×21- 9×19
  • barrel: 4,7″ (120mm)
  • Magazine: 15 colpi
  • size: 196mm (7,7″)
  • Weight: 965g
  • Codice : 13_01607s1
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