Performance Center® M&P®45 M2.0™ C.O.R.E.™

How to shape perfection.

Is it possible to take something that is already perfect and make it even better? Some would say no wrongly and some do not even answer by just proving it. Who are we talking about? From the Queen of Springfield: Smith & Wesson.

The great and highly appreciated arms company has recently released on the market a model to be envied by all its competitors, a gun capable of anything and for everyone. And if you are used to seeing such models only in American magazines and some YouTube videos, from today you will have the opportunity to own one.
Prima Armi presents: Smith & Wesson M&P®45 C.O.R.E.. Let’s clarify immediately what the C.O.R.E. is: Competition Optic Ready Equipment which means that there is the possibility of equipping, thanks to the notches on the gun slide, a red dot to facilitate aiming.

S&W® M&P45 M2.0 CORE Pistol

Details & Features

What immediately catches the eye is the shape of the slide, elongated at the front to allow it to cover the entire barrel. This last part of the slide, made of high-quality metal, has holes for recoil compensation. The texture of the grip is very noticeable, which thanks to the design and construction material optimizes the grip makes the weapon comfortable even after long use. Useful if used for competitions or intensive training sessions.

The work of the engineers is thorough and rigorous and is demonstrated in every detail of the product. One of the precautions that are most appreciated are certainly the rear sight and the front sight, both raised in such a way as to allow target acquisition even in the event of a dot malfunction. Even used without Dot the sights allow an intuitive and very fast alignment.

Fire Test

In the fire test, she gives vent to all her main peculiarities, proving to be a champion in different situations, confirming her adaptability and precision. The cal. 45ACP stands out, but thanks to the holes on the slide and the internal spring, the recoil is damped remarkably and stably.

If there is one thing that clearly shows the difference from past models, it is certainly the trigger click: a real pleasure. After a slight pre-run, it snaps smoothly and not at all cumbersome, ensuring unique stability of its kind for the entire platform. Placed behind the trigger we find a small protrusion that avoids unnecessarily retracting the trigger more than needed, making the reset fast and suitable for a dynamic shot with fast repetitions. The lower is made by polymer, precisely cut, and without any kind of smudging, making the handling comfortable and safe.

Why buy it?

The M&P®45 M™2.0 C.O.R.E.™ is part of the Prima ti Premia promotion. With the purchase of this weapon, you will immediately receive a €100 voucher to enrich your gun with accessories or to keep it in your wallet for your next purchase. If you are looking for a powerful, precise, and designed weapon that will make you the best, this is the right choice for you and your team.


We know very well that when it comes to precautions the Performance Center® is always on the spot, the work done by these guys is sublime and takes the weapon to a higher level, much higher than where we left it.
The weapon is supplied with three different back straps, useful for improving your grip according to your needs. Also suitable for left-handed people thanks to the reversible magazine eject button with an anti-slip texture. Buying the right weapon is a choice, being satisfied is a duty and Smith & Wesson® knows this well.

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