Kel-Tec KSG

Zombie’s killer

It seems to have come from the future to excite the shooters of the present, a 12-gauge shotgun ready for a zombie apocalypse and more. The Kel-Tec KSG is certainly not a conventional weapon, its shot storage system is uniqueand its firing system is even more so.

Kel Tex KSG is a 12 cal. shotgun with a unique firing system, bullpup, wich is with breech, bolt and loading system positioned behind the trigger. We have already talked about the advantages of guns using this solution, in fact by placing these elements behind the trigger, in the stock area, it is possible to maintain a good barrel length in a more compact gun. The result is high precision mixed with a shotgun capable of allowing you to move quickly in the smallest possible space.


The rifle has two7-round tanks each, which are loaded in the rear part of the weapon, under the stock. The choice of which tank to use takes place through a lever at the entrance to the same.

tank selector

Its functionality, in addition to that of storing more shots, is to be able to decide thekind of ammunition. For example: if you wanted to use it as a home defense rifle, you could load one tank with non-lethal cartridges and the second with slug balls, so that you always have the right cartridge at the right time.

Pistol grip with safety that can be easily removed with the finger, the same also applies to the lever that unlocks the action when the shot is already chambered. Picatinny sleds present both on the upper part, to equip red points, and in the lower part, where we recommend a vertical grip.


From its size it would be difficult to judge this weapon accurate, however, thanks to the bullpup system the barrel guarantees performance on a par with competitors of greater overall length. Strong sensations at the moment of the shot, a strong recoil, but which thanks to the perfect manufacture is discharged horizontally on the shoulder without making the weapon “wheelie”.

compact and fast

So, if you are looking for a weapon for home defenseor to have fun in a different way at the shooting range, the KSG is for you. A rifle of the future within everyone’s reach and that certainly won’t get old anytime soon.

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