Prima Armi offers a 2-year warranty on all products sold. The guarantee does not include accessories received as a gift for promotions or special offers. The pre / post-sales customer assistance service is carried out in Italian by going to the telephone at (+39) 0121321422 and by e-mail assistenza@primarmi.it.

In case of need, the customer (Armeria) is required to contact our customer service before using the technical assistance and repair service, packages will not be accepted without the appropriate acceptance form (RMA) soon available in the reserved area. The customer service is active from Monday to Friday from 8.30h to 18h, and responds to all e-mails in the order of arrival.

We undertake to process your requests as soon as possible, and in any case always within 48 working hours.

What does the guarantee cover?

Prima Armi offers its warranty and repair service only for guns purchased on our gunsmith network, verifiable through the gun serial number. The warranty covers only those malfunctions that occur as a result of normal use of the weapon, the so-called “factory defects”. Therefore, all products with:

  • physical damage due to incorrect use (falls, bumps, filings, etc.)
  • unauthorized modifications or alterations (open weapons, lack of seals, etc.)

In order to be considered under warranty, the weapons must be intact. Worn weapons or those that show impacts cannot be accepted within the warranty terms. We therefore recommend the utmost care in the use of your firearm.

Prima Armi is proud to represent Smith & Wesson throughout Italy. Thanks to the technical skills and specific refresher courses, held directly by S&W gunsmiths, Prima Armi is also WSS (Warranty Service Station) for S&W. This means that our company, notwithstanding the policy described above, is able to accept any S&W firearm for repair and assistance, whether imported from Prima Armi or through other channels.

Contact us and we will always solve your problems!