Prima Armi organizes and sponsors open days throughout Italy during which you can try out weapons from numerous brands, including Smith & Wesson, Colt, Diamond Back, SDM, IWI. What is the benefit of attending an event or workshop? With the support of specialized shooting instructors and your trusted gunner, you will be able to touch new weapons, configurations never tried before, being all together on the firing lines to share our passion.

The workshops are also offered as training both in the field and in the classroom. They consist of operational sequences to be learned step by step through a guided training course. The lessons have as their primary target the acquisition by the student of a safe weapon handling, not based on confidence, but on knowledge and respect for the tools being handled.

The training progressively addresses the essential procedures to speed up the firearm management processes, in order to allow the shooter to feel part of a tactical context. The courses are aimed at anyone who needs to use a weapon for professional or defensive purposes.

Smith & Wesson Workshop

For Prima Armi this is the year of the launch of Smith & Wesson weapons within its national distribution chain. So exclusively in collaboration with the Smith & Wesson Official Points we present Smith & Wesson weapons to all customers during dedicated events and workshops.
The Smith & Wesson workshop day is divided into one or more days, at a shooting range affiliated with the Smith & Wesson Official Point Armory. Expert tactical shooting instructors will accompany you in the test of the weapon park: pistols, rifles and revolvers. Here are some pictures of the latest workshops held, in collaboration with the Armory of Italy, as well as Smith & Wesson Official Point.

SDM Workshop

In recent years we have developed and organized numerous technical days focused on SDM products: from the famous AK47, AK12, AK104 series up to tactical shotguns. By popular demand, these days are repeated regularly in collaboration with numerous armories, sponsored by Prima Armi.

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