Imagine having available in a compact weapon almost as much as a pistol an ammunition equal to those of a rifle, it would be nice right? So why imagine when all this is finally a reality on our market. Diamondback, an American firearms manufacturer, which we have already met thanks to its extraordinary AR-15 models, surprises enthusiasts with a short weapon capable of great things: the DBX. A platform that shoots newson every front, the size, the precision, the lightness, but above all the caliber. We have been waiting for it for a very long time, we have wanted it and now it has finally landed on our market Ladies and gentlemen, the 5.7×28.


Developed between 2002 and 2003, the 5.7×28 was part of a project requested by NATO to replace the 9 Parabellum, which, due to internal disputes, never went through. Despite its failure, this ammunition is still used today in over 40 states and by many police forces, including the American secret Service.

on the left 5.7×28 on the right 9mm


The DBX comes in a form that is not very conventional for our standards, a unique design designed for operation and handling. Made of aluminum, anodized in the handguard part, it is very light and very solid. The charging handle, with the possibility of moving it on both sides, is located on the upper part just below the Picatinny rail that runs the entire length of the weapon. The pistol grip is an ergonomic Magpul MOE and from which you can easily reach both the selector, in AR style, and the release lever of the 20-round magazine, compatible with those of the FN Five-Seven.

In the back, we do not find any stock but a Picatinny rail placed for vertical to equip a stock of your choice among the many on the market with this attachment or a ring for a strap for hidden transport. Hidden transport? Yes! This weapon is classified as “EDC”, that is, it has the possibility, if in possession of a gun license for personal defense, to be carried daily.


Thanks to the 8-inch barrel, but above all to the ammunition, speaking of precision is almost a given Even at 30 meters, the DBX ensures perfect centers thanks also to the familiarity transmitted by the trigger taken from the AR platform. During the shot, it seems to use a cal. 22, the stability that can be obtained by equipping a vertical grip, or similar, in the front part equipped with M-LOCKattachments, is impressive It is useless to mention the results if equipped with a rear stock and a red dot.


To describe the DBX it is necessary to update the vocabulary, we still do not know appropriate terms to describe the magnificence of this weapon. Recently arrived, it has already conquered the heartsof those who own it, making it difficult to think of something better. To all intents and purposes, a gun with the capacity of an assault rifle, which knows how to adapt to any context and which gives the opportunity to be the everyday companion to those in need.

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