THE NEWS WE WERE WAITING FOR Imagine having available in a compact weapon almost as [...]

Smith & Wesson 929

The novelty that leaves you speechless In the eyes of some it will seem like [...]

Kel-Tec KSG

Zombie’s killer It seems to have come from the future to excite the shooters of [...]

Smith & Wesson 329 PD AirLite

The Tiger Over the years, the Springfield-based company has been noted for the use of [...]

Terminator T-800

The little Hollywood monster It was back in 1985 when the cult film Terminator was [...]

SDM XM9 Tactical 9×21

The gun destroys cliché How many times have you associated the word “Made in China” [...]

I.W.I. Tavor X95, in the elite warrior’s DNA

The bullpup made in Israel When you read the three letters IWIon any weapon you [...]

Performance Center® M&P®45 M2.0™ C.O.R.E.™

How to shape perfection. Is it possible to take something that is already perfect and [...]


Smith & Wesson Revolver 340PD AirLite Sc: The fatal feather

If I told you to imagine a light, captivating, and at the same time very [...]

S&W® M&P®15 Sport™ II semi-automatic rifle

If you were asked to choose only one rifle to own for the whole life, [...]

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